I Can Track My Puppy 24/7 Thanks to This Coin-Sized Tracking Device!

If you have a pet that you love with all of your heart, put a TrackR on their collar as soon as possible! (Even if they hate it like Fluffy does…)

Now that I have one on my pooch, I can see where he is 24/7 and relax knowing he's safe and sound. Even if he does escape the backyard, I can find him within seconds.

If you're like me, you consider your pet like family. And while no one wants to lose their pet (we all think it'll never happen to us), the fact is it happens all the time.

According to recent studies, 1 family pet is lost every 2 seconds in the USA. That's over 10 million pets lost each year and sadly, most of them are never found.

I know firsthand how it feels to lose a pet. We lost our adorable 7-month-old Cocker Spaniel, Fluffy, a few months ago. He had escaped out of the backyard after one of us didn't latch the gate properly.

As soon as I saw he was gone, my heart started pounding a million beats a second, and I felt pure panic rush over me.

We live on a busy street with a lot of construction, and I knew it would be easy for him to get hurt.

Then I remembered my boyfriend put a TrackR device on his collar just a few days before! (thanks to his amazing Mother who bought it for us as a gift!)

I opened the app on my phone and started tracking Fluffy within seconds. Once I saw his recent location, I got in my car and drove to him as fast as I could.

He had fallen into a sewer drain at a construction site only two blocks from our house and had crossed a busy street on the way.

Little, wide-eyed Fluffy was just whining in a dark, wet hole, waiting for us to find him.

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, but I don't know if we would have ever found him if he wasn't wearing a TrackR! It might have saved his life.

We know there's no guarantee he won't get out and get lost again, but the TrackR device will significantly improve our odds of getting him back again, safe and sound.

What Is TrackR?


TrackR is a small, quarter-sized, tracking device that is revolutionizing the way people keep track of important things…like their beloved pets.

How Does it Work?

It's simple!



Once that's done, just attach the TrackR to your pets collar or any other object you can't afford to lose!


^ That's the real Fluffy, happy and safe. I think he's grateful for his TrackR too!

Now you just have to open the app on your smartphone, and you can see on the map and position of your device.

If you lose your pet, simply select "lost item icon" and you'll get the coordinates of their last known location.

You can even engrave your pet's name, phone, and address on the device for extra peace-of-mind.

See TrackR in action by watching the video below…

No Monthly Subscription or Bills!

If you don't already know, most GPS units are expensive and require a monthly subscription.

But with TrackR, you only pay a one-time fee for the TrackR device itself, and nothing else!

Which is why it's an excellent gift for friends and family with pets too!

How Much Is It?

TrackR is made to fit any budget at only $29.00!

Losing a pet is like losing a best friend, a family member, a part of you! The stress, anguish, and sadness people feel when they lose a pet is overwhelming. No one wants to go through it, and sadly, people do every single day.

$29.00 is a small price to pay to avoid all of that.

Plus, for a limited time, when you purchase 3 TrackR devices, they'll send you 2 more for FREE… and again, with free shipping!

UPDATE: As of August 01, 2017 Free shipping is still available.


That way, you can track multiple pets at the same time or other valuables such as keys, wallets, bags, laptops, phones, bikes, luggage and more!

You won't find a better deal than this!

I am so thankful my boyfriend put a TrackR on Fluffy before he ran away. I honestly don't know what we'd do without him.

I urge anyone with pets to put a TrackR on their collar!

They bring so much joy, love, and laughter to our lives every single day, and we owe it to them to keep them safe and protected.

It's so easy and inexpensive; there's no reason not to do it right now!

Join over 4 million people who connect to their most valued items at all times!

Order a TrackR today and protect the things you love!

YES, I Want to Track my Pet!